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Number of Bays to serve and
maintain helicopters simultaneously
HeliVert Excellent Service Center
«Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Center (MRO)» for Agustawestland Products for AW109, AW139 and AW189.
Coordination and implementation of complex projects
Helicopters transportation, entry into service, overhaul of components at authorized organizations.
HeliVert Maintenance Operations
Certified by local aviation authorities to maintain AW products in Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan
AW139 Up to 8 years inspection
AW189 Up to 8 years inspection
AW109 up to 1year/3200 FH inspection
Pratt&Whitney PT6C-67C Light Off-helo Maintenance
Emergency Floatation System AW139, AW189 1st Level inspection
(manufactured by Aero Sekur S.p.A.)
Battery Servicing MARATON
Flight Data analysis
Helicopter Weighting
Helicopter Repaint Complete And Touch-up
Interiors Repair light and medium repair/ refurbishing
NDT Liquid Penetrant Inspection, Impedance Method,
Borescope, Eddy Currents
IFEEL Servicing Mecaer

HeliVert Excellent Service Center

«Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Center (MRO)»

HeliVert is entrusted by Leonardo Helicopters at the highest level for the standards of its maintenance services.

Leonardo Helicopters EXCELLENT Service Center

Our certification
HeliVert is certified by the Russian Authority FATA (Rosaviacia) to perform line and base maintenance activities on AW139, AW109 & AW189.
Helivert capabilities are endorsed by the authorities of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.