AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, is a leading player in the global helicopter market and the rotorcraft sector. A total capability provider, its offer spans from a a complete range of new generation helicopters, encompassing all main weight categories and covering all applications, to comprehensive and integrated training and support solutions to serve customers worldwide.

AgustaWestland was created by the merging of two companies whose origins date back to the very beginning of the aviation industry age. Agusta and Westland first collaborated in the 1960s, when Westland Helicopters started production of the Agusta AB47. The relationship between the two companies evolved over the decades with the co-development of the successful AW101 helicopter programme and until the merger in 2001 and was consolidated with the acquisition of full control of the company by Finmeccanica in December 2004. In 2010 with the acquisition of the Polish helicopter manufacturer PZL-Świdnik, one of Europe’s original helicopter manufacturers, AgustaWestland expanded its presence in central Europe, strengthened its global industrial footprint and further broadened its product range.

AgustaWestland range of advance rotorcraft covers all major categories of weight from the single-engine 1.8 tons SW-4 to the 16 ton three-engine AW101. AgustaWestland is also the only rotorcraft OEM with a Family of new generation helicopters including the AW169, AW139 and AW189 models, all sharing similar design philosophy, latest certification and safety standards, advanced technology and mission capabilities, similar approach to maintenance and training. In addition, AgustaWestland is also at the forefront of tiltrotor technology thanks to the AW609.

With a worldwide network of logistics and service centres, exceeding 80, and training academies in Italy, UK, USA and Malaysia, AgustaWestland ensures 24h, 7 days a week support to its growing customer base and advance training solutions for both crews and technicians.

The main AgustaWestland industrial activities are located in Italy, United Kingdom, USA and Poland, and the company is actively participating in a number of joint ventures and collaborative programmes with major players worldwide. This cooperation network has contributed to expand the product range and increase market share and opportunities.

Always at the forefront of technological innovation, AgustaWestland annually invests approximately 12% of its revenues in R&D. The Company is also a co-leader of the European Clean Sky rotorcraft joint technology initiative, which is researching external noise reduction technologies, cleaner and more efficient use of power, as well as environmentally friendly flight paths.

AgustaWestland as of the 31st December 2012 has 13,050 employees.